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      Noah & Bella was created to bring parents a carefully curated collection of children’s clothes that achieve that definitive kid-dressing trifecta: stylish, comfortable to wear & practical.

      When choosing clothes parents ask themselves three important questions:

      Can they run around in it and just be kids?

      Will they stand out or look a carbon copy of all the other kids?

      And…is it comfortable - will they wear it?!

      With a customer base spanning North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Noah & Bella offers parents a frequently updated range of great quality clothes at an affordable price.

      As an aunt to 7 nieces and nephews across two continents, Noah & Bella’s founder has long understood how to select styles for all ages and personalities - and all climates. Our clothes are bright, colorful, and fun, and best of all… kids love to wear them! 

      At Noah & Bella, we offer that boutique look from the convenience of your home or office. Our range of everyday essentials, sportswear, casual and dresswear offers parents an alternative to the local department store (where everyone shops!). This gives your kids that ‘back from vacation’ look without ever leaving town.

      Noah & Bella enjoys providing beautiful clothes that the special children in your life will love to wear. Years of ordering children's items online and a strong background in e-commerce means our founder has ensured seamless shopping, with accurate sizing, high quality products, and even better... a responsive customer service team to personalize your experience.

      Support for My Stuff Bags Foundation

      And last... but by no means least, Noah & Bella has partnered with My Stuff Bags Foundation. Thousands of children each year must be rescued from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and homelessness across the United States. My Stuff Bags Foundation sends duffel bags to crisis shelters and foster homes full of brand-new belongings to address the immediate and physical needs of the children – and provide some hope.

      Noah & Bella sends shipments of new clothes of all sizes to My Stuff Bags to help fill these duffel bags and bring some comfort and a little brightness to children whose lives are much harder than they should be.